Jacare Banda

ab 500 EUR

Band - “Jacaré “ is a Brazilian Samba quartet with a passion to bring old melodies and new rythms together

Was wir anbieten

The Berlin-based quartet of French, Portuguese and Brazilian musicians met at the back of a Spätkauf on Reichenberger Strasse playing traditional Brazilian music every Sunday. After a year and a half the neighbours eventually brought an end to the festive event, but the musical friendship remained and 2 years later this quartet was born.

“Jacaré “ performs original compositions inspired by old Brazilian samba melodies. Their repertoire includes waves of Carribean Biguines and breezes of Mornas from Cabo-Verde. The show is an introduction to the history of Samba, its instruments, it's poetry, and unique rythms; enriched by the cultural background and sensitivity of each musician involved.

Félix Huet (Fr) - Guitar, Vocals
Gonçalo Mortagua (Pt)- Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Alex Rigaud (Br) - Tan Tan
Helena Fontaine (Fr) - Pandeiro, Trumpet, Vocals

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Mitglieder-Nummer: 1

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Andere

Abfahrtspunkt: Berlin (DE)

Wir reisen bis: 200 km

We are also available as a semi acoustic duo (Helena & Felix) : Guitar, Cavaquinho, Pandeiro, Vocals

As a trio with one melodic instrument (Helena, Felix & Gonçalo) : Guitar, Cavaquinho, Pandeiro, Vocals + Sax

As a quartet/ quintet with one or two melodic instrument and a percussive instrument (the Jacarés): Guitar, Cavaquinho, Pandeiro, Vocals + Surdo/Tam tam + Sax and/or Clarinet

Geeignet für: Firmenfeier, Hochzeit, Party, Geburtstag, Club Anlass, Festival, Saisonaler Anlass, Fest für Kinder

Tonanlage: Wir haben unsere eigene Tonanlage bis zu 50 Personen

Lichtanlage: Haben wir nicht

Preis ab 500 EUR bis 2200 EUR

Stornierungsbedingungen: Standard

Um aufzutreten brauchen wir: We have all the material needed for a small venue. We just need space for 4 people.

When playing on a bigger stage or for a bigger audience, more amplification might be needed for percussion and sax for which we can discuss together

We have played already various concerts, weddings, as well as private dinners for restaurants, private events or company events in France, Brazil, Chile and Germany.

We also performed for the Xjazz festival and on the Latinauta of the Karneval der Kulturen representing brazillian musical culture.
We play our own songs as well as covers of old brazilian standards, mostly "Samba de Raiz". We can play up to 2 or 3 hours, but our usual set is divided in 2 or 3sets and lasts for 1.5 hours. It can be divided with breaks of 10/15mins or played straight. in one full concert.

A total of 26 songs or more, some compositions, some covers.

(of course, shorter shows are also available)